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CasinoBonusRus Reward Points Program

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CasinoBonusRus Reward Points Program
Posted: Sat Oct 11, 2008 5:19 am ? View Post

Welcome to CasinoBonusRus Rewards Points Program,

The first Forum Rewards Program geared towards you, the player. This exclusive loyalty program offers you the chance to earn Reward points and get rewarded the way you should be rewarded with a program that recognizes your play. Treating yourself to rewards has never been easier!

Your rewards are based on the amount you play, you’ll earn reward points that you can redeem for a large variety of reward items including electronics, home and garden, computer items as well as Cash rewards and gift cards.

The number of Reward points you collect is what determines your rewards and the choice and pace you collect your reward points is entirely up to you and you can play at any of the offered Casinos within this program. Your points do not expire and can be used at your own leisure once you have reached the required points needed to make a claim on the reward you wish to recieve.

You will enjoy incredible benefits and incentives that are exclusively available to CasinoBonusRus Rewards Point members. Our program is the most comprehensive Reward program online and is ground breaking within the online forum communities. We respect, want your business and will reward you for it always.

By becoming a Rewards points member you can start earning Reward points at a very wide selection of exciting Casinos/Poker Rooms and Bingo Halls that offer some of the most exciting and interactive games online today. You start earning CasinoBonusRus Reward points by signing up via the banners within this section of the forum. The sooner you start playing, the sooner you will start earning Reward points and the sooner you can start reaping the rewards.

No Membership fees, Large selection of Free Gifts and Cash Rewards!

• All members automatically start off with 50 Reward Points to get you on your way to realizing the rewards you can achieve.
• Earn 10 Rewards points for every $1 you deposiit at any of the Casinos.
• All your deposits count towards earning Reward Points. There is no limit on how many points you can earn. No matter how often you deposit ALL your deposits will earn you Reward Points.
• Membership is FREE
• Your Rewards Points never expire. You may claim a reward at any time after earning the required points.
• You get the clear advantage of having over 50 Casinos to play and enjoy the games at while earning points via a single Reward point account.
• Random weekly and monthly promotions.
• No more dedicated depositing in order to gain rewards at one casino. Instead you earn points for all your deposits all on one program.

How the Rewards program works:

1) Sign up at any of the casinos that are posted within the Reward Points section of the forum. You MUST use our banners to be entered into this program.

2) Once you have opened your New Real Player account and made your first deposit you are entered into the Rewards Program and immediatly begin earning points. All account will be verified to avoid any false claims. PLEASE be sure to use our banners only. No exceptions will be made.

3) By New Accounts we mean only New Casino accounts that have been opened via our banners can be counted towards this program. All accounts entered into this program MUST be first time accounts with the Casino in question and all first deposits MUST be first time deposits. If it is found a member has submitted a points claim and the account in question is a duplicate account or that account was not opened via our banners then that claim for that casino ONLY will be denied. Please be sure to verify you are not opening multiple accounts. ONLY accounts that have been opened via our banners will count towards this program so please be sure you use the banners within this section.

4) Every time you make a deposit at any of the posted Casinos/Poker Rooms or Bingo Halls you will earn Reward Points. This includes multiple deposits. All deposits will earn you points under this program.

5) When you play and deposit at more than one of the posted Casinos/Poker Rooms or Bingo Halls offered within this program all the points you earn will accumilate towards your Reward points balance. Thus allowing you to maximise your rewards at your pace.

6) You are not required to make a preset deposit amount. You are only required to make the minimum deposit amount as set by the Casino/Poker Room or Bingo Hall in question. You must playthrough your deposit at least once in order to submit your reward point claim.

7) By being a member of this program it does NOT exclude you from any promotions being offered directly with the Casinos/Poker Rooms or Bingo Halls that we offer within our program. You are free to take full advantage of any promotions offered by any of the Casinos/Poker Rooms or Bingo Halls being offered under this program.

8) The points that you earn at any of the posted Casinos are automatically added to your Rewards account. In order to ensure crediting of your points please forward DEPOSIT confirmation emails to:

We cannot be responsible for those who fail to forward deposit confirmations. In the event that a deposit confirmation is not recieved please take a screen shot of your deposit within the casino banking section and forward that to the above email.

9. Once you have earned the points needed to claim please email:

Please ensure you include your forum user name, the reward you are claiming and the shipping address you wish the Reward prize to be sent to. Please remember to allow for 4-6 weeks for delivery.

Best Regards and we hope you both enjoy and take advantage of this Rewards Program as much as we enjoyed creating it.

Have you begun to reap the REWARDS? Look in the Reward Points Program to find out how today and start being rewarded for your deposits the way you should be.


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Re: CasinoBonusRus Reward Points Program
Posted: Thu Jan 29, 2009 1:03 am ? View Post

Great program BonusAdmin! and for sure I'll now sign up at any new ones I havent already. I love the idea of free reards on top of regular comps from casinos!

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