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We want your imput..:)

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We want your imput..:)
Posted: Mon Jan 14, 2008 3:22 am ? View Post

Hi all,

and Welcome to the forum!!!

As you can see we are in our early stages and have worked hard to develope a forum whereby you get the best bonues and be able to enjoy some fun while visiting.

It is our hope that you will like the way the forum is set up. By that we mean ease of use - nice and easy to locate the things you may be looking for etc.

Now with that said we know there is always room for change and improvement and would like to hear your idea's and thoughts. If you like it as it is we'd love to hear that too...:)

If there is something you think we could do to make this a more friendly place or easier to navigate let us know. Maybe it is the selection of games we offer that you'd like to see improved on.

You tell us!!..:)

And remember....all posts are taken seriously. We value your imput and respect the time you took to add your thoughts and comments.

Thanks for all your help and we hope to do you all ptroud in the coming months.

The BonusCrew.

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